Olympic Training Center

Bicycle track "Saryarka"

The Republican cycle track "Saryarka" is one of the unique architectural objects of Kazakhstan, made in the form of a helmet of a cyclist.

The sports complex is located on the left bank of the river. Ishim in Astana, built in 2011. This sports multifunctional complex is recognized as one of the best sports complexes in the world.

The sports complex consists of two functional objects: a track track and an ice arena. The total area of ​​the cycle track is 44,957 square kilometers. m., the ice arena - 4188 square meters. m.

The Republican cycle track "Saryarka" includes:

  • track;
  • Ice Arena;
  • fitness (gym, 2 swimming pools and 3 saunas);
  • martial arts hall;
  • gym and games room;
  • hotel and restaurant complex;
  • conference halls;
  • street football fields;
  • office rooms.
The technical equipment of the cycle track "Saryarka" corresponds to all world standards, which allows carrying out events of any level. The arena regularly hosts international and national events.

Multifunctionality of the building allows you to quickly change the arena of the track, re-equipping it in the boxing ring, judo tatami, gymnastics carpet, basketball, volleyball or concert stage.

Another feature of the track is the track. For its coverage, high-quality timber was used - Siberian cedar. To protect the tree from deformation, the track cloth was pre-conditioned for 2 years in special chambers and treated with a special chemical composition. The length of the track's track is 250 meters, the width is 7 meters, at the bends the slope is 42 degrees, and on the straight sections - 12.5 degrees. Movement on the track occurs counter-clockwise. The capacity of the bicycle track is 9195 seats.

Also in the sports complex there are sports sections for cycling, taekwondo, figure skating, mini-football, swimming and functional training.