Ice arena

Rules of behavior

Rules of behavior for visitors, fans and other persons on the Ice Rink

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules for Visitors, Fans and Other Persons on the Rink (further – Rules) shall apply to persons (Visitors) that are in the compounds of the Rink (further – Rink).

1.2. All Rink Visitors, fans, including participants of sports competitions, shows and other events as well as servicing personnel of the Rink must comply with these Rules.

1.3. A Visitor understands that figure skating is a high-injury sport. This is why he or she should determine for oneself and one’s child the possibility of skating on the Rink based on physical well-being and health. The management of the Rink shall not be responsible for injuries and traumas on the Rink.

1.4. Visitors shall be personally responsible for any harm caused to other Visitors.

1.5. The management of the Rink may change open hours during the season.

1.6. The management of the Rink shall retain the right to select background music in its compounds. If you feel disturbed by background music, you may use headphones and use them as needed.

1.7. Visitor shall be liable for loss or damage to the equipment of the Rink, gear and ice skates.

2. Order of visiting the Rink

2.1. Children below 12 shall be allowed to the ice field in safety hats and outfit and only accompanied by adults who will be responsible for children’s behavior and their compliance with the Rules.  One of parents may refuse to be present on the ice rink but he or she will be responsible for the behavior of his or her child and child’s compliance with the Rules. In case parents refuse to attend their children on the ice rink, this must be confirmed in writing by such parent.

3. Rights of visitors on the Rink

3.1. Right to enter the compounds of the Rink only with the permission of the management as well as freely walk into the area of mass event (stadium stands depending on the event) with a ticket or a document (accreditation) entitling the visitor to enter.

3.2. Right to occupy seats specified in tickets or relevant documents.

3.3. Right to use bathrooms, cloakrooms and canteens in the compounds of the Rink in an established manner.

3.4. Right to seek first aid from a medical employee of the Rink.

3.5. Please do not leave personal stuff and clothes without supervision when you visit the Rink. The management of the Rink shall not be responsible for lost or unsupervised stuff.

4. Obligations of the Rink visitors

4.1. Strictly comply with common rules and maintain public order.

4.2. Treat participants of the competition, shows and other events, judges, coaches, viewers and staff of the Rink with respect as well as avoid actions that can create hazard for others.

4.3. Take good care of equipment and property in the compounds of the Rink, maintain cleanliness, comply with rules of sanitary, fire and environmental safety in the compounds of the Rink.

4.4. Be self-disciplined and well organized when exiting the Rink, vacate stands and exits right after the end of competitions and other events, without leaving foreign objects.

4.5. Follow warnings and instructions of security staff of the Rink, management and employees responsible for maintaining public order in the compounds of the Rink.

4.6. Put personal things in the lockers and make sure that these are locked.

4.7 Use the Rink only in gloves (leather, woolen, knit)

5. It is forbidden for Rink visitors to:

5.1. Smoke drugs, tobacco and use psychotropic substances and alcohol drinks in the compounds of the Rink.

5.2. Visit the ice rink in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication as well as bring and drink alcoholic drinks.

5.3. Hollow out ice with skates or other items as well throw anything on ice, spill liquid on ice or strew anything on ice.

5.4. Use running skates on the ice rink as well as use hockey-sticks, hockey pucks, sledges; walk on the ice rink with no skates on.

5.5. Carry flammables, explosives, fireworks, toxic, odorous substances, weapons, piercing and cutting items, large items, glass bottles, alcohol drinks, any type of weapons and ammunition, smoke bombs, missiles, flares, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics objects disturbing the audience;

5.6. Throw items out on the ice rink and the area around it as well as throw anything into viewers, judges, representatives of the Clubs, participants of the competition, enforcement officers, official persons of the contest organizer and commit any other actions hindering the process of the event.

5.7. Be on the ice during training sessions, competitions and other events as well as in the locker rooms of sports teams, judges, in offices, utility rooms and other rooms without the permission of the management.

5.8. Shout out words inciting social, racial, national, religious, class and tribal enmity, cruelty and violence and other acts that offend public morals, and degrade human dignity.

5.9. Leave vehicles in undesignated areas.

5.10. Bring animals, birds, reptiles and other creatures to the Rink.

5.11. Destroy, spoil or damage any equipment, property, decoration of the Rink and green areas in the compounds of the Rink.

5.12. Be in the compounds of the Rink beyond working hours as well as after the completion of mass events without the permission of the Management.

5.13. Resell tickets as well as sell documents replacing tickets, souvenirs and other items.

5.14. Leave minor children unattended.

5.15. Sit on the ice; please use benches for resting

5.16. No wet clothes on the ice rink.

5.17. Use music equipment of the Rink on one’s own.

6. Safety rules.

6.1. For proper skidding, you should push off with the edge of your skate, fully shifting the weight of your body to another leg.  When skidding, your knees must be bent, back straight, you may tilt slightly forward. Never push off with a toe cap of your skate- only with an edge.

6.2. Spread your legs slightly wider than shoulders, strongly bend your knees, slightly tilt back, turn your toes in and slightly drop your ankles.

6.3. For the avoidance of injuries, please walk only on rubber tracks.

6.4. Run counterclockwise.

6.5. Fall properly (on your side or "as fish"), do not hold your mate when falling.

The management of the Rink may refuse to provide services to a person who raises suspicions or has repeatedly broken the rules of the Rink.

Management and security staff of the Rink shall retain a right to expel persons who break these Rules from the Rink at any time, without refund.

The management of the Rink may suspend sales of tickets for one skating session if the ice rink is overcrowded.