Archery is an Olympic sport in which athletes compete in archery accuracy. The winner in archery is the athlete or team that scores more points, according to the rules of the competition. Archery competitions are held between both men and women.

Archery Rules

Archery competitions are held both outdoors and indoors. Shooting at competitions is carried out in series of 3 or 6 arrows. According to FITA standards, a series of 3 arrows is given 2 minutes, and a series of 6 arrows is 4 minutes.

At all competitions, qualification is first carried out, and then, among the remaining athletes, according to the Olympic system, the winner is played. This system is also relevant for the World and European Championships. Archery is fired at FITA approved targets. Archery targets are made of paper with concentric circles of different colors depicted on it. Targets are attached to special shields, which are made of durable material that prevents arrows from passing through. The size of the target depends on the competitive distance. Inside the "ten" there is another circle of half the diameter, it is necessary to resolve controversial situations of equality of points and to fix world records.

Archery competition

The Olympic Games are the most prestigious archery competition, held every four years.

The World Outdoor Archery Championship is held every odd year.

Cup Archery World Outdoors is held annually.